Specialty Cocktails and Ice Cold Beer on Tap

The Pub Club Serves Top Shelf Liquor and an Assortment of Craft Beers

The Pub Club serves the coldest beer in downtown Milwaukee. Behind the bar, guests can see our giant keg cooler holding 20 beers on tap – including a wide selection oMilwaukee's Coldest Beerf specialty craft choices – all served at near-freezing temperatures. Wisconsin favorites like Spotted Cow, specialty select beers and classic choices like Milwaukee’s own Miller-Coors are all available on tap.

We have enlisted the help of top mixologists, creating a one-of-a-kind unique specialty cocktail menu. Our cocktail menu features local favorites, like the Milwaukee Mule and Wisconsin Old Fashioned, and includes other unique mixes such as the Tennessee Uppercut and our TPC Tea. We use top shelf liquor you won’t find in other Milwaukee bars. Sip on Johnny Walker Blue, Gran Patron and Jack Daniels Sinatra Select. Perfectly mixed drinks and good conversation await at The Pub Club.

Try Milwaukee’s coldest beer and specialty cocktails tonight, contact The Pub Club for a reservation.

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